Colectarea Fragmentelor/ Gathering the Fragments – Carol Sabbadini, 25.08.2013

Va invitam si asteptam pe 25 august de la ora 18.00 la un performance realizat de artista columbiana Carol Sabbadini cu un grup minunat de copii. Da, e legat de trecutul recent al Romaniei si de regimul aferent – dar e o perspectiva interesanta, putin melodramatica si clar diferita de cum vizualizam din interior (si prin prisma unei critici a neocapitalismului) raporturile politice si de putere pre-1989. Combinatia intre interventia textuala de deconstructie a unor marturii literare si reflectiile copiilor asupra mereu prezentului “inainte” e de vazut. Copiii au lucrat si elaborat impreuna setul de gesturi si flow-ul performance-ului, si la acestea se adauga textul cules si fragmentat de Carol din Herta Muller, dosare din arhiva fostei Securitati etc. Venind dintr-o situatie sociala si politica definita de violenta, Carol este interesata de posibilitatea de interpretare a unor gesturi violente (asupra altora sau asupra propriei sale persoane) din perspectiva gestului politic, si din acest interes deriva tema performance-ului.


“In the history of Romania there was a regime,
we had a dictator,
his name was Nicolae Ceaușescu,
he was our president,
there were also some guys called Securitate,
they were like the secret police, they used uniforms.”

Gathering the Fragments is a theatre piece in three acts by Carol Sabbadini, inspired by Herta Müller’s novel “Herztier”. As part of Carol’s research during her residency in Bucharest, she has engaged a very young group of people in a performative dialogue that developed into a collective work in response to the question: “How do Romanian people deal with their historical memory?”

Actors: Aurel Florentin Alexe, Mădălina Valentina Alexe, Bianca Alexandra Nicoară, Alina Diana Pădure, Elena Diana Rădoi and Lana Teodora Stamate.

The event will take place on Sunday, August 25, at 6 pm, at Platforma, Calea Moșilor 62-68

with the support of: Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Platforma Space, Bucharest AiR


Carol Sabbadini (Colombia, 1985) is a young artist working on the many intersections of communication, cultural translation, language, and chronotopical issues. Her work involves a constant process of experimentation and investigation of social and political mechanisms, in which the main focus is to consider situations of strong ambivalence and estrangement. In these situations the social, the cultural and the linguistic are the main topics of discussion. Working mostly with video, performance, drawing and text, Carol portraits situations, in which new levels and spaces of communication, comprehension and individuation are generated: living processes, in which the main actions are no longer important, but in which language becomes the focus point in the mechanisms of activating a performative action of commitment and involvement.

For more information please see:

Bucharest Artists in Residency:


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