Columbian Art Show Reel, o selecție de Carol Sabbadini


Carol Sabbadini, currently in residence at Bucharest Artists in Residence, is hosting a one evening event together with Platforma Space. She will present selected works of young Columbian artists, including animation, video art and performance. Initially presented in Columbia under the name of Visiología sin Patología, the 13 videos show reel questions the dynamics of shared sensitivity proper to video as a medium of constant negotiation between one’s individual present and collective present.

The event will take place on Thursday, August 8, at 7 pm, at Platforma, Calea Mosilor 62-68

Carol Sabbadini (Colombia, 1985) is a young artist working on the many intersections of communication, cultural translation, language, and chronotopical issues. Her work involves a constant process of experimentation and investigation of social and political mechanisms, in which the main focus is to consider situations of strong ambivalence and estrangement. In these situations the social, the cultural and the linguistic are the main topics of discussion. Working mostly with video, performance, drawing and text, Carol portraits situations, in which new levels and spaces of communication, comprehension and individuation are generated: living processes, in which the main actions are no longer important, but in which language becomes the focus point in the mechanisms of activating a performative action of commitment and involvement.

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