Informal Strategies lecture performance – august 2012


(update event from august)
In the summer of 2011 the collective informal strategies was born. Under this name we, Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil – both visual artists based in Rotterdam (NL) – team up in order to actively learn about and react upon our contemporary environment with its progressive neoliberal ideas and devouring capitalism. Through studying how we have become what we are, we can begin to imagine something else.
In 2012 we concentrate on the multinational IKEA. The company that forms a new global imperium, for once overcoming the confusion of Babel with its ‘Swedish’ design. Issuing annually the most printed publication in the world – the catalogue.

In July and August we were working in Bucharest Artists in Residence (Bucharest AIR). Following the traces of production, we traveled to Transylvania, the origin of IKEA ceramics. Witnessing the ears of the mugs be added manually in a former communist factory, we started to see the products veiled identity – informed by local history. Thus undoing the erasure of singularity in global mass production we start to see what IKEA really is.
During a presentation at Platforma on August 21, we will give an insight in our research and work. As well we will launch a small publication which unfolds our findings here in Romania.