Cum a fost: Jon Conway, Accumulated/Preemptive Penance – Magistrala 1 metrou București (24 octombrie 2013)

Revizuind blogul, am realizat că acțiunea artistului irlandez Jon Conway a rămas neinclusă la vremea ei, deci o reamintim, așa cum a fost:

…………Azi pe Linia 1 metrou Bucuresti, daca vedeti un om cu un obiect greu de ocolit cu privirea, mergeti si intrati in vorba cu el. Sa speram ca trece de paznici:). Detalii dedesubt:

Accumulated/Preemptive Penance

Irish visual artist John Conway will execute a ceremonial performance on Thursday 24th, 2013. The work will occur at 12:30-13:30, 14.30-15:30, 16:30-17:30, and 18:30-19:30. Beginning and ending each time at or around Platforma (upstairs and courtyard).

The transitory performance will follow a looping circuit around Bucharest on metro line 1. This subterranean route will host the stationary, yet dynamic passage of the artist, who will carry with him the symbolic object around which the work is based.

The ceremony, while enigmatic, addresses themes of burden, guilt, loss, penance, acceptance and passage.

Audience are welcome to join at the beginning or at any time during transit.

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